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Easy to maintain and beautiful, decorative rock offers stunning, natural enhancement to any home project.  We have over 30 choices of rock available, one of the largest in the Kansas City area! Decorative rocks can be used in any number of ways including preventing soil erosion, weed control, enhancing water features or flowerbeds, and wherever else your imagination takes you.  Come let our well-trained staff assist you in making your project a reality!

We calculate coverage of decorative rock at a 2 inch depth.

Don't forget the weed barrier for underneath your decorative rock.  In addition to helping keep the weeds from coming through, it keeps your rock from slowly disappearing into the soil.

We Deliver!


25 bear creek

Bear Creek

1/2''-1 1/4''

approx 80-90sqft per ton

57 cobble sm 58 flat rvr sm 21 flat rvr lg Black obsidian

Black Obsidian

1 1/2''-2''

approx. 80-90sqft per ton

Cobble Stone


approx. 70-80sqft per ton

Flat River XLarge


approx. 60sqft per ton

Flat River Small


approx. 100sqft per ton

Flat River Large


approx. 70-80sqft per ton

39 fl rvr xl Grande Vallet

Glacier Large


approx 70-80sqft per ton

Glacier Lg

Grande Valley


approx. 40-50sqft per ton

20 gunsm  lg 08 indian pbl sm

Gunsmoke Large

1 1/4''

approx. 80-100sqft per ton

Indian Pebbles

5/8''-1 1/4''

approx. 70-80sqft per ton

51 ks lg 098 MO Pea Grav 099 MO River Md

Kansas Large

3/4''-1 1/2''

approx. 80sqft per ton

Missouri Pea Gravel


approx 150spft per ton

Missouri Medium


approx 100-110sqft per ton

02 multi clr lg 05 multi clr xl 54 oazrk lg

Multi Color Large


approx 50-60sqft per ton

Multi Color



approx 40sqft per ton

Ozark Large


approx. 80sqft per ton

16 ozrk sm 06 rainb sm 19 red fl md

Ozark Small


approx. 90-100sqft per ton

Rainbow Small

3/4''-1 1/2''

approx. 90-100sqft per ton

Red Flint Medium


approx. 70-80sqft per ton

ACDC_SCR_174-lava-red2-150x150 29 rose qtz lg 43 rustic rvr

Red Lava

3/4''-1 1/2''

approx. 200sqft per ton

Rose Quartz

3/4''-1 1/2''

approx. 80sqft per ton

Rustic River

1 1/2''

approx 80-100sqft per ton

27 scenic rvr sm

Senic River

3/4"-1 1/2"

approx. 80-100sqft per ton

Three Rivers Rainbow Western Sunset

Three River Rainbow


approx. 70sqft per ton

Western Sunset

3/4"-1 1/2"

approx. 80sqft per ton

30 wht sher lg

White Sheridan

3/4"-1 1/2"

approx. 80sqft per ton

AB3 Rocks_0136


crushed limestone fines

120sqft per ton


limestone crushed fines with gravel

120sqft per ton

1/2" & 3/4" Gravel

Coarse & Fine Sand

We sell professional grade

weed mat!

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